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About Us® was established in 1998. It is dedicated to providing environmental law information in a purely electronic form.®'s focus is on providing an on-line library of legal decisions relating to New Zealand's environment.

The legal decisions include decisions from the New Zealand Environment Court (formerly Planning Tribunal) and relevant judgments of the New Zealand District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, plus relevant decisions of the Privy Council.

We provide access to our full library of decisions easily accessible from your desktop, or using mobile technology, from any location you need them such as the courtroom, council meeting or office.

We also provide a weekly email to subscribers of recent decisions which links directly to® so that you are kept up to date with relevant decisions.

We also provide useful resources for resource management practitioners. These include free links to New Zealand's local authorities, free access to National Policy Statements issued under the Resource Management Act, and a searchable directory of links to practitioners throughout New Zealand.

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Name: RMA Net Limited
Directors: Dr Sarah Brand
Ph.D Environmental Sciences
Craig Brand
Editor: Dr Sarah Brand
Address: 3261 Waihopai Valley Road
Blenheim 7276
Phone: 64 3 572 4148
GST Number: 108-572-078

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